Hi everyone! I am doing my best to get back on the blog on a regular basis. I won't lie - it's not easy with working + 2 little ones at home, but I'm trying! I have been able to get back into crafting a bit lately - it feels SO good! When we moved, most of my stuff got packed away and I'm sad to say most of it had been sitting in boxes up until a few weeks ago. However, I've decided to take over the spare bedroom as a temporary crafting area - and get myself situated in there. Eventually we will finish our attic and turn it into a true crafting room - but for now, I will just make do ;)

If you follow me on Instagram, you can get a glimpse into my unpacking and items that I've been working on. Here are some pics that I shared of my crafty organizing thus far. I'm getting there!

I took a trip to IKEA to grab some essentials for organizing. I picked up an Alex drawer unit to house a lot of my smaller items. I really do love it...can't wait to get more, ha! ;)


Some more BYGEL rails, similar to my old setup in the old house

111214_2 111214_3

OK, onto some crafty creations! The other day I sat down to make a few cards. I used the Chubby Chum Pals stamp set from Paper Smooches - such a cute set. I colored all of these images using Prismacolor pencils and gamsol. WAY easier (IMO) than busting out the Copic markers. This first card is a CASE from Kristina's version.

111014 (1 of 4) 111014 (1 of 4) 111014 (1 of 4) 111014 (1 of 4)

that's it for now - stay tuned for more projects! I just finished up a felt Advent calendar that I made from scratch and I'm pretty proud of myself. I definitely want to share that with you all! :) Thanks for reading!


Brooke’s Big Girl Quilt

October 22, 2014

in Sewing

I finally finished sewing a Brooke for her new bedroom. I am so picky (ha!) that I didn't really love any of the bedding in stores. I suppose that is what happens when you're crafty, right? Anyway, when I was about 39 weeks pregnant with Henry I got a HUGE burst of energy and did a ton of sewing. I completed this quilt top in just a few hours. It was a SUPER fun quilt to do - I just followed the Jelly Roll Race pattern and video from MSQCO. The fabric is a jelly roll from Riley Blake called "Simply Sweet".

It took me a bit longer to put together the backing, have it quilted and then bind it...but we were just a little bit busy moving and enjoying our summer ;) Anyway, it's all done now - here are some pics. I am hoping to complete decorate Brooke's room. I will try and post pics when it's complete!





some detail shots...

102214_03 102214_04

up close of the quilting. I used Missouri Star Quilt Company quilt by mail service. They were GREAT!! No, I don't get any compensation from them for saying that (I wish!) - I paid for them to do it, as I just don't have a sewing machine that can handle quilting such a large quilt. I chose the flower quilting pattern and I think it turned out so cute.


Brooke approves!! :)



I completed this mini scrapbook album recently, using a kit from the Button Farm. I snagged this kit a few years back at CKC - but had yet to have a reason to put it together, until my friend Jess had her adorable baby boy, Marcus! :)


You might recall this album that I made a while back - same thing, just the girl version. I just love these kits. They are so fun to work with. For me, it was perfect because nearly all my crafting supplies are still packed away in boxes. I didn't need to pull out much to make this album - just my paper trimmer, some adhesive and ink.

080614_2 080614_3 080614_4 080614_5 080614_6

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Just sharing some old layouts that I completed over the winter. I kept a minimal stash of scrapping supplies with us when we were living in the apartment. I was able to complete these 2 layouts using mostly Bella Boulevard paper & embellishments. Both of these layouts were inspired from a design I stumbled upon online - you can find my board that I like to pin ideas to here on Pinterest. :)

"Carving Pumpkins" layout: Inspired by this layout over on TwoPeas

012914-9 012914-10 012914-11 012914-12

This next layout was designed off a sketch - however I have no earthly idea which sketch because it was so so long ago that I made this :( Anyway, can you believe how little Brooke was in these pics? BAH!

012914-13 012914-14 012914-15 012914-16 012914-17 012914-18

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Henry’s Quilt

June 13, 2014

in Sewing

Well, if you follow me on Instagram, you know that a few days after my last post we welcomed our new baby BOY to the world! Brooke is now a big sister to a sweet baby boy named Henry :)

When I was still pregnant, I put together a quilt top for Henry - not knowing whether he was a boy or girl. So this is my 2nd gender neutral baby quilt (see the first one here). I sent it out to a long armer to be quilted before he was born, and then got it back sometime in March. After the craziness of moving and having 2 little ones, I was finally able to bind the quilt and complete it a few weeks back. Here is the finished result:

988883_875509629843_7874694388213220983_n 10322823_875509649803_8108353396200589584_n 10366237_875509674753_18032024676632725_n

and here is Henry (who is over 4 months old now!! Crazy) posing on his quilt:


Since the big move, pretty much all of my crafting items are still packed up in boxes. I haven't had time to even decorate the house, let alone craft. However I have been getting a bit of sewing time in here and there when I can. I will try and share sewing projects with you soon.



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an update on things

January 29, 2014

in Other

Hello, everyone!

I know, you're probably dying of shock that there's a new post on my blog, right? Ha! Sorry for falling completely off the earth during most of 2013. We had an insanely busy year, to say the least. I last updated that our house was on the market, and I was cleaning/packing up my craft room. (Sad!!) We sold our house and moved out by the end of September. It was bittersweet leaving the home that we had got married in and totally renovated all on our own. However, we knew there were bigger/more exciting things in store for us!

After having zero luck finding a house to buy, we decided to build. We've been consumed by that (among other things) these past few months. The fall was pretty crazy as it involved us moving almost everything we own into storage, and then finding and moving into a (small) apartment while we wait for our home to be completed. Things with the house are moving along and we expect/hope to be in by the end of February - maybe sooner?

ON TOP of all that...we have something else to contend with...


YES! Brooke is going to be a big sister :) I'm due any day now with baby #2. We are very excited. And nervous. And a little crazed. To say that this pregnancy has been different than my first is the understatement of the year. When we moved out of our house, I was roughly 22 weeks pregnant. We've been living further away (the only place we could find to rent that wasn't astronomical in price) and spending a LOT of time in the car. Traffic has been bad - and our living situation just has not been ideal. But we've managed. Our weeks have been filled with DR appointments, house meetings, picking out anything & everything for our new home, working, driving, more driving, getting ready for this baby's arrival, and OH YEA occupying the crazy almost-3-year-old that we have!

SO - as you can imagine, I have had basically zero time to be creative. I did bring a few small supplies with me to the apartment and I was able to get some things scrapped in the Fall. However that's all been put away now to make room for the baby crap ;) I HAVE had some time to sew. I've made a quilt top for this little one - and even started one for Brooke's new big-girl room. I hope to share those once they are all quilted.

As for Brooke, she is GROWING and is so fun. She will be 3 in April (if you can believe it!) and amazes us every day. She is also challenging, because she is a toddler. LOL. I feel like having a newborn again will be nothing compared to parenting a toddler?!!? But I know that will be hard too, for it's own reasons.

Here are some pics to fill you in on some of our recent adventures...

October 2013: 2nd floor framing going up on our new home:


A view of the house pre-siding. Framing was still going on. This was from October 2013:


The attic (!!!!) which is where my *someday* craft room will be. We are leaving it unfinished for now...but someday it will be amazing. Can you say ADORE??? (ignore my Dad chugging his coffee in this pic, haha)


My happy little munchkin and me on Thanksgiving! (look how big she is getting...!)


a Christmas family photo!


recent pic of the inside of our new house. Hardwoods are in and they are now completing all the finish work:


And finally, a more recent outdoor pic: columns have since been painted white to match, black shutters will also be going up soon:


Phew! I think that's mostly it for now. I am not sure when I will be back to posting. I DO plan on having a nifty crafty space in the new house - but for a while it will probably just be a temporary setup in the guest bedroom. You know, until my life calms down a bit ;) Once this baby arrives, we will have just a few weeks until we have to pack everything up and move again - but at least this time we will be moving into our brand new home! I'm so SO excited to have a home again, and space. It's going to take time to dig ourselves out, but will be more than worth it in the end.

If you'd like to follow along and keep up with me, you can find me on Instagram. I post pretty often - and as long as you're not a super creepy weirdo, I accept followers :)

Hopefully I can whip up another quick post before this baby comes, to show you the few crafty things I did work on over the past few months. Stay tuned and THANKS everyone for even coming back to read my little ol' blog. I know I've totally disappeared on you - and there have been emails that I have not even be able to read or get to -for that I am sorry! Life just has to take priority right now. Some day I will be back to crafting, blogging, and emailing. Hopefully it will all still be here waiting for me, when I'm ready :)

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where have I been?

July 8, 2013

in Other

Hello...is anyone there? I've been seriously MIA - probably the longest hiatus I've ever taken from blogging. I apologize to all of my readers, but the truth is that life is quite hectic right now and I just don't know what my crafting & blogging future holds, at least for right now :(

It's summer and we are making the most of it, soaking it all in...lots of road trips to visit family & friends. Beach trips, days in the pool, etc. We've been having a blast! We have ALSO recently sold our home. We decided in May that with the market turning around, it was finally time to make a move. We put the house on in June and it barely lasted 2 days before someone scooped it up. We are so thankful that the process has been relatively smooth and that our home sold so quickly - but we are also in a huge crunch right now to find a place to live! So between having our house all organized for showings/things all packed away, etc. - I haven't had much (any) time to craft. In fact, my craft room is so immaculate, it's almost unrecognizable:


what happens when you stage your home for showings. A neat & tidy craft room. What planet is this on?

Anyway, just wanted to check in and let you know that I'm not sure when I will be back :( Perhaps if we get a cool day or 2 I will venture up to the attic to make a few things. I'm still keeping up on all crafty things and dreaming about all those layouts I will someday make!

I hope you are all having a relaxing & fun summer!


BFF's on the beach. <3<3<3 Summer.

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Our little one turned 2 last month and we had her party just a few weeks ago. It was a great time with LOTS & LOTS of toddlers, ha! ;)

I chose to do a rainbow party theme this year, full of fun bright colors. Truth be told, I was a bit stumped on what to make for party favors. Since we were having Brooke's music teacher come and play music for the kids, I figured it would be perfect to make streamers they could use during the music portion, and then have them to take home. It worked out perfectly!


These are simply long pieces of gorgeous satin ribbon (thank you, Papermart!) tied onto plastic shower curtains rings (IKEA). The rings are the perfect size for toddler fingers to slip their hands through. All you have to do is tie the ribbon, finish off the ends & you're ready to go!


Here are the streamers hanging up outside before the party started. It was a gorgeous day so the party was mostly outside. These double as decorations, too. Double score!!

050213-2 050213-5

The birthday girl figuring out how to work her fancy rainbow streamer...


I even filmed a video showing you how to make these gorgeous rainbow streamers. Thanks to the awesome folks over at Papermart for offering me this amazing ribbon at a great price! The quality of this ribbon was incredible - and really made all the difference in how these turned out. They were a huge hit - all the kids loved having one to take home with them!

The exact ribbon I used from Papermart was 1-1/2" X 50 yards of the Double Face Satin Ribbon. I ordered one roll of each of the following colors:


You can watch the video below, or click here to watch directly over on YouTube. Enjoy!!

disclaimer: I contacted Papermart regarding their selection of ribbon. I was offered a discount in exchange for a writeup/review of their product. All views expressed are my own - I truly only review products on my blog that I actually USE and ENJOY! :)

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Hi everyone, first off - thank YOU for all the interest in my Craft Room clean out. I had an amazing response and was able to sell most everything I posted. There are still a few fun things left, so if you haven't checked it out yet - click here to visit my Facebook page. Thanks!

Today I have a Halloween themed layout to share...

I have so many Halloween photos that I need to scrapbook - at first I was overwhelmed by just how many I would like to get scrapped. I decided to not try and squeeze them all into one or two layouts, there's no need! My strategy is to choose a few favorites from one of our many Halloween activities and get them into a layout. I will then choose another few I like and do another, etc. - I have plenty of fun Halloween supplies to use - and we all know that I'm not afraid to buy more goodies if I need to. HA ;)


The other tip that I had to share regarding this layout is all about inspiration. I have a very busy 2 year old - so my crafting time is limited! I try to make the most of it - so I am 100% OK with pulling inspiration and "scraplifting" when I see a great idea that I love. There's no shame in it! I always make sure to give full credit for the original idea, of course. This page is based mostly off this awesome layout from Laura Vegas. Thank you Laura for the wonderful inspiration!


This entire layout was created using the Witch Hazel collection from October Afternoon.


I love these darn photos - they are some of my all time faves of Brooke. She was roughly 6 months old and that tongue just kept popping out...! So cute! ;)

041413-1 041413-1 041413-1

I cut the "BOO" letters out with my Silhouette, as well as the spider web background. The other letters are American Crafts Typo Thickers in Peacock Blue. For the journaling, I simply printed it out onto white cardstock and cut into strips. I distressed the strips just a bit with black ink to make them blend a bit with the rest of the layout. There's also some touch of sewing on this layout - all with black thread.


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Hi everyone! Do you already follow me on Facebook? If not, be sure to go there & follow my page! I'm cleaning out my craft room this week and I've just posted an album FULL of items that need a new home - please check it out if you can!

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