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January 29, 2014

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Hello, everyone!

I know, you're probably dying of shock that there's a new post on my blog, right? Ha! Sorry for falling completely off the earth during most of 2013. We had an insanely busy year, to say the least. I last updated that our house was on the market, and I was cleaning/packing up my craft room. (Sad!!) We sold our house and moved out by the end of September. It was bittersweet leaving the home that we had got married in and totally renovated all on our own. However, we knew there were bigger/more exciting things in store for us!

After having zero luck finding a house to buy, we decided to build. We've been consumed by that (among other things) these past few months. The fall was pretty crazy as it involved us moving almost everything we own into storage, and then finding and moving into a (small) apartment while we wait for our home to be completed. Things with the house are moving along and we expect/hope to be in by the end of February - maybe sooner?

ON TOP of all that...we have something else to contend with...


YES! Brooke is going to be a big sister :) I'm due any day now with baby #2. We are very excited. And nervous. And a little crazed. To say that this pregnancy has been different than my first is the understatement of the year. When we moved out of our house, I was roughly 22 weeks pregnant. We've been living further away (the only place we could find to rent that wasn't astronomical in price) and spending a LOT of time in the car. Traffic has been bad - and our living situation just has not been ideal. But we've managed. Our weeks have been filled with DR appointments, house meetings, picking out anything & everything for our new home, working, driving, more driving, getting ready for this baby's arrival, and OH YEA occupying the crazy almost-3-year-old that we have!

SO - as you can imagine, I have had basically zero time to be creative. I did bring a few small supplies with me to the apartment and I was able to get some things scrapped in the Fall. However that's all been put away now to make room for the baby crap ;) I HAVE had some time to sew. I've made a quilt top for this little one - and even started one for Brooke's new big-girl room. I hope to share those once they are all quilted.

As for Brooke, she is GROWING and is so fun. She will be 3 in April (if you can believe it!) and amazes us every day. She is also challenging, because she is a toddler. LOL. I feel like having a newborn again will be nothing compared to parenting a toddler?!!? But I know that will be hard too, for it's own reasons.

Here are some pics to fill you in on some of our recent adventures...

October 2013: 2nd floor framing going up on our new home:


A view of the house pre-siding. Framing was still going on. This was from October 2013:


The attic (!!!!) which is where my *someday* craft room will be. We are leaving it unfinished for now...but someday it will be amazing. Can you say ADORE??? (ignore my Dad chugging his coffee in this pic, haha)


My happy little munchkin and me on Thanksgiving! (look how big she is getting...!)


a Christmas family photo!


recent pic of the inside of our new house. Hardwoods are in and they are now completing all the finish work:


And finally, a more recent outdoor pic: columns have since been painted white to match, black shutters will also be going up soon:


Phew! I think that's mostly it for now. I am not sure when I will be back to posting. I DO plan on having a nifty crafty space in the new house - but for a while it will probably just be a temporary setup in the guest bedroom. You know, until my life calms down a bit ;) Once this baby arrives, we will have just a few weeks until we have to pack everything up and move again - but at least this time we will be moving into our brand new home! I'm so SO excited to have a home again, and space. It's going to take time to dig ourselves out, but will be more than worth it in the end.

If you'd like to follow along and keep up with me, you can find me on Instagram. I post pretty often - and as long as you're not a super creepy weirdo, I accept followers :)

Hopefully I can whip up another quick post before this baby comes, to show you the few crafty things I did work on over the past few months. Stay tuned and THANKS everyone for even coming back to read my little ol' blog. I know I've totally disappeared on you - and there have been emails that I have not even be able to read or get to -for that I am sorry! Life just has to take priority right now. Some day I will be back to crafting, blogging, and emailing. Hopefully it will all still be here waiting for me, when I'm ready :)

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where have I been?

July 8, 2013

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Hello...is anyone there? I've been seriously MIA - probably the longest hiatus I've ever taken from blogging. I apologize to all of my readers, but the truth is that life is quite hectic right now and I just don't know what my crafting & blogging future holds, at least for right now :(

It's summer and we are making the most of it, soaking it all in...lots of road trips to visit family & friends. Beach trips, days in the pool, etc. We've been having a blast! We have ALSO recently sold our home. We decided in May that with the market turning around, it was finally time to make a move. We put the house on in June and it barely lasted 2 days before someone scooped it up. We are so thankful that the process has been relatively smooth and that our home sold so quickly - but we are also in a huge crunch right now to find a place to live! So between having our house all organized for showings/things all packed away, etc. - I haven't had much (any) time to craft. In fact, my craft room is so immaculate, it's almost unrecognizable:


what happens when you stage your home for showings. A neat & tidy craft room. What planet is this on?

Anyway, just wanted to check in and let you know that I'm not sure when I will be back :( Perhaps if we get a cool day or 2 I will venture up to the attic to make a few things. I'm still keeping up on all crafty things and dreaming about all those layouts I will someday make!

I hope you are all having a relaxing & fun summer!


BFF's on the beach. <3<3<3 Summer.

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Snowed In.

February 11, 2013

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this past weekend was the lovely Blizzard of 2013 which dumped 2 whole feet of snow on us.

We didn't really go anywhere, except outside in our yard to play. Being snowed in isn't so bad when you have this sweet little face to hang out with all day long :)

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Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2012

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Wishing all of my wonderful readers a very Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year. 2012 was a wonderful year for our family - I am looking forward to all the fun we will surely have in 2013. Our Christmas card this year (front) (back) someone was a little unsure of Santa this year, so it turned into a family affair:

I hope Santa brings you all some wonderful crafty goodies!! :)

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Mommypage Interview

December 18, 2012

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I am honored to share with you that I've been featured this month on MommyPage.com If you're interested, head on over there to check out my interview. Thanks! :)

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I just realized that it's been a while since I've posted any Brooke updates here on the blog. I think it's because I'm so darn busy chasing after her, that I barely have time to think! ;) Let me just tell you...she is  QUITE the busy toddler. And I mean that. Like, the stories I have are just....OH MY. (thank God for nap time, bed time, and wine. Not necessarily in that order).

We do still love her, even though she is crazy :)

Here are some recent photos we had taken professionally this Fall. This Mama takes LOTS of pics - but that is just the problem: I'm never in any of them! So we decided to have a family session and I could not be happier with the photos. All photo credit goes to the lovely Erin, of Erin Wolczik Photography. If you are local to the MA area, I HIGHLY recommend her - she is so great to work with and her prices are great! If you contact her, please let her know that I sent you...

  She simply would NOT put Teddy down that day. Brooke has 3 favorite things at the moment: books, musical instruments, and her stuffed animal friends. They are ALWAYS with us. She's a popular gal...!

The photos of her in this chair are too funny. #1 - Peter and I were acting like total morons to get her to look & smile at us. #2 - we were not only allowing her to stand on the chair, we were encouraging it...so she was GIDDY with excitement over that. and #3 - she is totally thinking "what are these people doing? They look like idiots!" LOL

this last photo is breathtaking. I had asked for a sunset picture and boy, did we get it! If you look SUPER close, you can see Brooke's pebbly pigtail (her signature 'do!) sticking straight up. LOVE.

Erin blogged even more photos from our session HERE. She did such a wonderful job capturing Brooke's spunky personality. Thank you, Erin!

Hopefully you will see pics of my little tornado here on the blog more often. I am really aching to get back to scrapbooking, once the Holidays are over & done with. Lately I've been working on Christmas craft projects to give as gifts. Fun! I plan on sharing some of my non-paper craft creations, too :)

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Big Announcement & Blog HOP!

August 31, 2012

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I am very pleased to share with you all that I have accepted a position on the Fall 2012 Design Team of Whimsie Doodles! I was THRILLED when the talented owner and illustrator Melyssa contacted me this summer, and asked me to join her team. Whimsie sells some of the most adorable and unique digital stamps around. I've used a few of Melyssa's designs in the past and they are just SO fun to work with. To kick off my new role on this team, I thought I would share are a few items I've made using WD digital stamps. I will be back very soon with some fun new creations using new releases, too! Be sure to visit all the other members of the 2012 Design Team by clicking the links at the bottom of this post!

Reindeer Food (a FREEBIE!)

Valentine Messages

If you don't know much about digital stamps and how they work, you can check out the FAQ section on their website. It really helps to outline what digital stamps are, how to purchase and receive your images, etc. If nothing else, you should download a few of the Freebies and give them a try. (Nothing beats FREE, right?) If you have any questions on using digital stamps, feel free to leave me a comment or email me. Also, be sure to check out their Blog and Facebook page. I'm excited to start sharing all of my new creations with these fun stamps. OK, enough babbling. It's time to check out the other talented ladies on this team. Here are the blog hop links, hope you enjoy! :) 2012 Whimsie Doodles Designers: Mary Johnson http://maryjdesigns.blogspot.ca Laura Whitaker http://scrappinaroundtheclock.blogspot.ca Shannon White http://enchantedladybugcreations.blogspot.ca Joy Stagg http://daiseyfreak.blogspot.ca Marlene Gomez  http://scrappincookie.blogspot.ca Judy Rozema http://jarfullofjoy.blogspot.ca Nikki Tanner http://smellslikehomemade.blogspot.ca Melyssa Connolly http://www.fantastink.blogspot.com

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Dad’s Day

June 19, 2012

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Happy Father's Day to the best Dada I know! This was Brooke's present to her Dada. The whole idea looked a lot better in my head (damn you Pinterest!). Let's just say that she has a STRONG aversion to the letter A. For some reason. And Mommy was too tired to dress her up in the same outfit the next day to make another attempt. So here she is, in all her letter-A-hating glory:

I framed this for him - it's on his desk at work. He loves it - because it totally showcases the many moods of Brooke ;)

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Christmas Recap

January 3, 2012

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so, I'm really bad with blogging lately. I'm trying to be better about it - let's make that my New Year's resolution...mmmkay? I thought I would do a little recap of the Christmas season (you know, since it's already January?)  I want to look back & remember this stuff, so I'm just gonna go for it. Hope you're prepared to look at about five gazillion photos. You've been warned...! (OH and this has nothing to do with crafting. Sorry!) You might remember my Christmas ornament post from last year. Well, this year we added quite a few new ornaments to the tree. Here are just a few of my favorites:

we got the one pictured above to go along with our series of ornaments that I talk about in this blog post. I just love it! The ornament below is the one that we picked out as a "Baby's First Christmas" ornament. It's from Hallmark and has the year on the back. I love the simplicity of it. (we got quite a few others as gifts too, this kid has lots of ornaments already!)

and here is a shot of our tree this year...

our mantle *finally* had 4 stockings hanging up. (one for the kitty, of course). It was so fun to have another stocking for Santa to come & fill up!

Brooke was pretty enamored with the tree & all of the lights. I took some shots of her Daddy showing her a special ornament that we made together. I grabbed an idea that I saw here & decided to make an ornament from Brooke's hand print. Really easy to do and something I know that I will always cherish.

she was really enjoying looking at the tree with Dada!

here is this year's Christmas card. The colors are looking a little dull in this screen capture, but you get the idea. I tried to get shots of her smiling for the camera, but at this point all Brooke ever wants to do is put anything & everything *into* the mouth. So, this is what we ended up with. It's OK, I still think she's a cutie (and before you yell at me, those ornaments are plastic, not glass...!!)

Christmas morning finally arrived & it was so exciting...Santa had come!

Brooke was more interested in the wrapping paper & bows than any gifts...

"...this is for me to rip, right Mama?"

...and boxes. She just LOVED the empty boxes to play in!

We hosted Christmas dinner at our house. It was *so* nice to not have to travel. Here is a picture of us together on our first Christmas as a family :)

Later on that evening, we headed out to celebrate with Peter's family. It was so much fun, as Brooke got to play with her cousin Gavin, who is just a few weeks older than her. They had a blast opening up gifts from their Aunties, Uncles & cousins!

What a blast it was to celebrate the Holidays with a little one. So many friends & relatives were so thoughtful and generous to Brooke this Christmas - we are so thankful to have such great people in our lives! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas too :) Thanks for staying with me through this insanely LONG post!

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So I'm doing this a little later than I wanted, but things were crazy with the massive power outage, storm, and then my fair! I also wanted to give people extra time to send stuff in. Anyway, I've packaged everything up, with a note to Jen - and I've included all of your gorgeous cards, letters, donations, coupons, gift cards & more! You truly are all AMAZING. Thank you SO much for taking the time to reach out to someone you don't know -heck, you don't even really *know* me, so it's truly awesome to see the outpouring of support from so many. I just know that this care package is sure to make Jen & her family smile.

packing up the pile o' goodies to send to Jen!

Also: we attended the local Fundraising event held in Jen's honor on Sat 10/22/11 - I was able to bring a bunch of stuff in person to Jen at the event including formula, baby food & other baby essentials. This was made possible by some of the donations & coupons I had received from you guys. Again, I can't thank you all enough. I truly have some of the best readers!! :) If you would still like to send Jen something, you can view her story on this website that her sister has put together. There a whole section on "How to Help".

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