Brooke’s Big Girl Quilt

October 22, 2014

in Sewing

I finally finished sewing a Brooke for her new bedroom. I am so picky (ha!) that I didn't really love any of the bedding in stores. I suppose that is what happens when you're crafty, right? Anyway, when I was about 39 weeks pregnant with Henry I got a HUGE burst of energy and did a ton of sewing. I completed this quilt top in just a few hours. It was a SUPER fun quilt to do - I just followed the Jelly Roll Race pattern and video from MSQCO. The fabric is a jelly roll from Riley Blake called "Simply Sweet".

It took me a bit longer to put together the backing, have it quilted and then bind it...but we were just a little bit busy moving and enjoying our summer ;) Anyway, it's all done now - here are some pics. I am hoping to complete decorate Brooke's room. I will try and post pics when it's complete!





some detail shots...

102214_03 102214_04

up close of the quilting. I used Missouri Star Quilt Company quilt by mail service. They were GREAT!! No, I don't get any compensation from them for saying that (I wish!) - I paid for them to do it, as I just don't have a sewing machine that can handle quilting such a large quilt. I chose the flower quilting pattern and I think it turned out so cute.


Brooke approves!! :)



Henry’s Quilt

June 13, 2014

in Sewing

Well, if you follow me on Instagram, you know that a few days after my last post we welcomed our new baby BOY to the world! Brooke is now a big sister to a sweet baby boy named Henry :)

When I was still pregnant, I put together a quilt top for Henry - not knowing whether he was a boy or girl. So this is my 2nd gender neutral baby quilt (see the first one here). I sent it out to a long armer to be quilted before he was born, and then got it back sometime in March. After the craziness of moving and having 2 little ones, I was finally able to bind the quilt and complete it a few weeks back. Here is the finished result:

988883_875509629843_7874694388213220983_n 10322823_875509649803_8108353396200589584_n 10366237_875509674753_18032024676632725_n

and here is Henry (who is over 4 months old now!! Crazy) posing on his quilt:


Since the big move, pretty much all of my crafting items are still packed up in boxes. I haven't had time to even decorate the house, let alone craft. However I have been getting a bit of sewing time in here and there when I can. I will try and share sewing projects with you soon.



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OK now that Christmas is over, I can share all of my handmade gifts with you!

This all started with Pinterest (shocking, I know). I saw these adorable Superhero capes and was inspired to make some for my nephew. He is just over 2 years old and is ALL boy. I wasn't quite sure how hard these would be to make, so I started with something simple: Batman!

(don't mind my mini ironing board and cardboard boxes peeking out from the bottom. I had to use them as a non-moving target/model)

I found a sewing pattern from McCall's at my local Joann's for the cape, but there are plenty of free cape tutorials out there. I improvised just a bit by adding a hem through the top part of the cape for the tie string. You can use velcro to close these capes if you want, there are many variations. I just created a tie string with a piece of fabric and threaded it through my top hem. I did a quick stitch in the middle to keep the string from pulling through either side.

My template for the Batman logo was another Pinterest find - this lovely blog has FREE printables for you to use as Superhero logo templates - it made is SO easy to cut out from some felt. From there, I just sewed it down with my sewing machine and then sewed it right to the back of the cape.

For the mask, I used that same McCall's Superhero Costume pattern and traced the mask onto some felt. I traced 2 pieces of felt out and sewed them together, sandwiching the elastic in between as I went along.

After I completed Batman, I got brave.

My nephew's most favorite thing in the world right now happens to be Super WHY - so I just had to try to create him his very own Super Reader cape! Here's how it turned out:

Unfortunately, the Super WHY logo is NO WHERE NEAR as easy as the Batman logo. LOL. I mean, let's look at how much is going on in this logo...

THANKFULLY I found this wonderful person who created a free printable Super WHY template. I used 4 different colors of felt to create this logo - just traced them onto some cardstock and did my best to cut them & sew them all together. I layered them all on top of one piece of green felt. I did this for a few reasons: a) it was much easier to sew the smaller pieces to one piece of felt instead of directly onto the cape and b) The logo needed something to make it stand out from the blue fabric of the cape.

The KEY to all of this was: FREEZER PAPER (found right next to the Ziploc bags in your grocery store aisle). Makes life a lot easier when working with felt. Trust me! (and thank you to the many sewing YouTuber's who pointed me in the direction of freezer paper. It's amazing.)

Here is another shot of the cape, showing the green color on the inside. I just love the shimmery/shiny fabric that I used for this. Makes me want to create lots more Superhero capes. I will most definitely be creating one for Brooke some day.

The mask was another template from the McCall's pattern. Pretty straightforward.

The good news is that the capes were a hit with my nephew...especially the Super WHY one! He opened it and yelled "WHYY!! WHY!!!". Here he is, in all his Super Reader glory:

A perfect fit!! :)

I hope this has inspired some of you to try some homemade gifts for your loved ones - I am by no means an expert seamstress - so if I do these...well, anyone can! ;)

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a few sewing projects

August 13, 2012

in Sewing

just sharing a few recent sewing projects! you may remember the Big Butt Baby Pants I made for Brooke just after Christmas. They no longer fit her (sad face!)...but no worries, I made some more to fit her cloth diapered bum:

They are sort of big right now, but will fit perfectly this Fall/Winter - and I like that I can roll them for now. Woot! They are soft and make the perfect play pants. She is SUPER active right now, so these pants are just what we need...

I also decided to try another one of Rae's awesome patterns and made this Charlie Pullover Tunic. It just needs buttons, but other than that it's done. This was by far the most challenging sewing project I've done...! It turned out OK...could be better but at least I know my mistakes for next time.

trying it on...I think she likes it?? (please don't mind the lack of pants. It was hot and I was pushing my luck trying the shirt on..let alone pants...ha!)

I might get super brave and try the Charlie Dress Add-On next, because OMGLOVE!! I can only imagine how cute that dress would look on Brooke.

Also, can we all agree that my child is growing FAR TOO FAST?? GAHHH!! How did that happen??

All fabric (listed below) is from this lovely Etsy seller:

Riley Blake Designs, Apple of My Eye, Apple Basket Blue Michael Miller, Tweet Birdie Tweet Michael Miller Ta Dot Apple Michael Miller Dumb Dot Teal

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my little munchkin finally popped her first tooth. (after almost 10.5 months, ha!) Her slowness in the tooth popping department allowed this Mama to procrastinate big time on figuring out something to guard her crib rail. We paid a lot of money for this lovely nursery furniture, so we don't need her using it as a teething ring ;) I was going to buy a crib rail guard online, BUT: a) they are expensive b) our crib rail is sort of chunky, so I'm not even sure the ones in stores would fit entirely around the railing and c) they looked pretty straight forward to make. I really didn't feel like shelling out $50 for one. So I decided to give it a go and make my own...!

I found this tutorial online and followed it almost exactly, I just altered it to fit the measurements of our crib. I had a bunch of yellow polka dot fabric left over from Brooke's curtains & quilt that I made for her room. I made my ties 18" long - which was *plenty* fact, I had to double knot them to keep them from hanging down, so you could probably shorten these to 10-12" or so.

So far so good. She doesn't seem to mind them being there - doesn't even really bother with them in fact. This crib converts to a bed eventually, so I will be glad that they don't have any teeth marks in them & will last for many years to come! :)

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OK so my crafting A.D.D. kicked in over the Holiday break and I went a little nuts sewing some new pants for Brooke. I couldn't help it, they were just too cute not to try. We cloth diaper so sometimes pants are a little tight fitting in the bum region (hehe). I stumbled across this pattern and just had to give it a try. (by the way I am in love with the blogger who created this pattern. She is SO talented. I hope to try more of her tutorials soon) So without further ado, here is my first pair of "Big Butt Pants". Don't look to close or you might see the mistakes. LOL ;)

Trying them on...she seemed pleased with them :) I got the apple & pear fabric at Joann's, believe it or not! It's a pretty popular designer fabric so I was psyched to find it there. The green polka dot fabric is some Michael Miller Ta Dot fabric, left over from Brooke's baby quilt that I made.

Can you resist the cuteness of her bum? Because I certainly cannot...

here is another version, more fabric from Joann's and some leftover Michael Miller Ta Dot for the butt & cuffs on the legs.

as you can see, she is a very busy girl - pulling up on everything & anything. Not sure how she decided that 8 months old was old enough to do that! UGH! These pants are great for that though - she is very active so she can have full range of motion when she is pulling all of her toys off the shelves :)

I might just have to tackle more sewing projects now that I have this one under my belt! I feel like sewing is just another form of paper crafting. Lots of pretty fabrics to choose from, similar to all the paper that I own (hoard). ;)

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Baby Quilt

March 31, 2011

in Decorating,Sewing

Well, it's finally done :) And I hope you don't look to closely - because has lots of mistakes. ARGH! But hey, I look at it this way: it's only my 2nd quilt EVER- and I chose a pretty complex pattern to do. (Not really sure what I was thinking actually). In keeping with my gender neutral nursery theme of Turquoise, Greens & Yellows - I decided to just find a bunch of fabrics that I liked in these colors. It was super fun to pick all of them out. Here is the final result:

There really wasn't a pattern that I followed. I was inspired by many quilts that I saw online, where people just cut smaller squares of fun fabric in all different sizes & framed them out with coordinating fabric. So that's what I did. (I am sure there is a MUCH better way of doing this by the way. But remember, I have no clue what I am doing when it comes to quilting. HA!) There are 36 squares, all 7"x7" - no one is really the same, in fact some of them are down right wonky. I added the green polka dot border to go around the edge. The binding was done in various turquoise fabrics.

Lots of Michael Miller, Moda and some Robert Kaufman prints in this quilt....

And here is the back. It's the same fabric that I used for the curtains in the nursery.

So there it is. Far from perfect, but a labor of love. I hope to take lots of pics of our little one on this quilt. Even if he/she doesn't love it - it's OK because I know that I always will. It's totally imperfect, but totally something that I worked on throughout my whole pregnancy - so I know I will always have those memories.

Also- on a side note, I will have you know that halfway through this bad boy, I discovered that buying a walking foot for your sewing machine makes life MUCH easier. Did you know that?? I was under the impression that little foot that came on my sewing machine was a walking foot. Um, no. It's a presser foot. DOH. How the crap did I miss that?

Anyway, if you are going to be doing quilting of any kind - go out & get a walking foot - it's totally worth it! ;)

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a sneak peak…

February 15, 2011

in Baby,Sewing

at some yummy fabrics I am using to make this baby quilt.

As you can see by the colors in this pic, I am going with turquoise/greens/yellows for the nursery. Some of you thought the blue walls meant BOY - hehehe. But no - we are not finding out the gender of this little one. We want to be surprised and are very much looking forward to that moment! I am super picky and could not find any bedding sets that I liked online or in the stores - so I decided to go with my own design. I'm making the quilt (duh) and I found a lovely Etsy seller to make the rest of the bedding for me. (It should be arriving any day now - so I'm pretty stoked about that).

I've just about finished piecing together all the squares & measured out the backing. I need to start putting the actual quilt together now with batting. I am hoping I can finish it up within the next week or so. I will be sure to share with you all when it's complete!

FYI: I mostly chose Michael Miller, Moda, and other fun fabrics for this quilt. There are SO many different ones. I am afraid I will probably not know what the exact name or brand of any of the above fabrics are. I need to get better at writing them down when I buy them I suppose?

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my first quilt…!

January 2, 2011

in Sewing

I am so excited to share my first attempt at a quilt. I got brave after seeing Susan's blog - she is amazingly talented and had a great tutorial on how to sew a quilt. I followed it and found this to actually be pretty straight forward and easy to do. OH - and Don't mind the dirty pants standing behind the quilt. My helper (Pete) was working on sheet rock in the attic & I made him come downstairs and be my clothesline :)

Here is what the back looks like. I chose a coordinating fabric & outlined each square once they were all sewn together & batting was on.

An up close view of the back as well as the binding. I will admit, the binding was the part that scared me the most! I found a few tutorials to follow though - and to be honest it wasn't all that bad! Here is the one I followed the most - I found it to be the best for learning how to sew the binding.

A few more detail pics...there are a few mistakes if you look close. I need to get better at stitching things evenly - I have some spots where it's bunched up - but luckily it's not *too* noticeable.

All fabric was bought at my local Joann's - I just wanted to try it out so I found a quilting bundle there & it was perfect for this size quilt. I am now moving on to tackle another quilt which is much more ambitious. I am *hoping* it will be a quilt for the baby's room. We will see how that turns out! Anyway, thanks for letting me share with you all :)

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DIY Baby Legs

December 27, 2010

in Sewing

not sure how familiar you all are with Baby Legs. But I absolutely ADORE them. I already own quite a few pairs & I'm sure I will be buying more. I predict that baby B will be dressed in Baby Legs pretty much all the time. They are just SO cute :) They are however, kind of expensive. They range from $10-$12 a pair. So I was determined to find some cheaper, or figure out how to make them myself. Well the other day I figured out how to make them for $3 each!! I was looking for some fun Holiday ones but didn't see any. I came across this tutorial on YouTube and made a mental note to try it out myself one day. The other night before Christmas we were walking through the mall & I came upon a cute selection of Christmas socks. I thought I'd buy a few pairs & see if I could attempt it. ...and here is how they turned out...!

So here's what I did: because these were longer socks (almost like knee high socks) - I didn't need to use any material from the foot of the sock. I just cut off the foot right above the ankle and that was plenty long enough. I then just hemmed the seam & voila! Instant baby legs!

Now, all I need are some cute, chunky legs to try these out on. It's killing me that I have to wait to use these things. Perhaps I will attack the cat with them? I don't think he will enjoy that much.

We are snowed in after a blizzard up here in MA today. Pete is off from work & I'm home too. I'm actually attempting another sewing project & seeing if I can sew the binding on my quilt. Let's hope I make it through...

OH and one more thing: I GOT A SILHOUETTE FOR CHRISTMAS!! AHHHH!! :) :) I am so excited. I didn't expect it. I have been thinking about getting one for a while because it's way more my style than the Cricut. I love the downloads they have everywhere for it - and I just love how intricate & detailed the cuts are. I cannot for the life of me get intricate cuts with my Cricut. So I've been playing a little bit with that. It's pretty awesome. Now I need to figure out if I want to keep or sell my Cricut. Oy.

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