12 Months.

Well, here we are…my 12 months of photos is OVER! Can hardly believe it. I am so glad that I was able to keep up with these updates. I have 7 months of Brooke’s monthly scrapbook layouts completed and I must say that it’s turning into one of my very favorite scrapbook albums. (which reminds me that I need to post my latest layouts on here, haven’t done that yet either, yikes).
Brooke’s birthday fell on a Monday, so we decided to take her to the zoo on the Sunday before that, as a special Birthday treat. We had a spell of gorgeous Spring weather those few days, so the ย night of her birthday we were able to take her out for a hot dog and some ice cream. YUM. I will hopefully post some pics from those events soon. Even more exciting, wasย her 1st Birthday Bash at our house this past weekend. We had to stuck to immediate family (we both have big families!), and we still had a LOT of people. I have LOTS of pics from all the decorations. I will have a full post on that coming soon. It was so much fun to make all the Birthday goodies – I think I could do this for a living! LOL! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here is the last of Brooke’s one year updates…thanks to everyone for listening to me do these each month. It really helps me to have these to look back on. I really love having it all documented!

At 12 Months, Brooke:
  • is a walking FOOL! Walking everywhere now. Pretty steady on her feet when the surface is smooth…we are working on getting over door jams, hills, and walking on grass ๐Ÿ˜‰ But overall she is doing great and zooming around everywhere! She started just after turning 11 months…
  • LOVES to say the word “ball”. EVERYTHING is “bah!”. If there is a ball in the area, she let’s you know about it. Even things that don’t remotely resemble a ball, are “bah’s”
  • Also says Mama, Dada, UH OH (when she drops something), and Bubbles (“buh buh”) – we were pretty surprised with that last one, but it came flying out when we were playing w/ bubbles on Easter! She has *sort of* said Thank You a few times – we are working on that one.
  • Loves her green giraffe stuffed animal, and her Elmo doll. We pretty much always have one of them with us at all times.
  • LOVES to be outside. Wants to go outside all the time (hates it when we bring her back INSIDE)
  • Is long & lean, weighing just 19lbs. 1oz. and measuring 29.5″ long…! I’m not sure where she puts all the food she eats…!
  • Finally has tooth #2 coming in, right next to tooth #1…!
  • LOVES hot dogs
  • Started taking music class and is loving all the singing, dancing and interacting with other kids her own age – I can’t get her to sit still when we’re there – all she wants to do is bop around and sit on other people’s laps…!!
  • Has her own little mind & personality already. Not much is getting in her way when she wants something (*sigh*). She is very social and does great around other babies – loves watching & playing with them. She’s pretty good at grabbing the toys she wants (and holding onto them)
  • 11 Months.

    Wow, only one more month of these. She is almost a year old. I am seriously having a hard time facing the reality of this you guys. It’s especially hard when I see or do the same things that we did last year at this time. And then I realize that last year at this time I was hugely pregnant and getting ready for this new baby. And NOW she is this little person! ?!! GAH.
    At 11 months, Brooke:
    • still only has one tooth, but is very cute with her “one tooth smile”…!
    • loves to dance along to music, or to songs that we sing to her. She tries to do “itsy bitsy” spider, especially the part where they “wash the spider out”. It’s her favorite part! We have coined the dance move “washing machine” for when she shakes her arms side to side (pretty much does this to any song that comes on)
    • is a Pro at walking around with her wooden walking cart.
    • has her first pair of “big girl shoes”…! (AKA early walker shoes from Stride Rite). She needed something with grip on the bottom so she can move around the hardwood floors in our house, and also to play outside.
    • Has taken a step but falls or dives onto our laps almost immediately after that tiny step. She’s *very* close to walking and you can tell that she would prefer to walk instead of crawl, she’s just trying to put it all together.
    • waves ALL.THE.TIME. Doesn’t stop waving. Waves to people on the street, people who can’t even see her – just everyone. It’s freaking adorable, LOL.
    • had an AWESOME time on her trip to Hawaii. Loved being in her stroller parading around our hotel, waving to everyone & anyone who might wave back
    At 11 months, I have to bribe her with items like Mommy’ s lens cap to keep her interested in my photoshoots…(whatever works, right?)
    This lens cap sure does taste good…
    Love you little one, soo very much. Only one more month of being my little baby. Soon you will be a toddler. Excuse me while I go cry now…

    10 Months.

    I am in denial about my baby being double-digits 10 months old..GAH! All I can think of is how this time last year we were heading into the home stretch. Baby showers, baby gear, putting it all together, finishing touches on the nursery, me stuffing my faces with donuts. HA. Can’t believe that was almost an entire year ago…!
    Brooke is getting more & more fun each day. She is becoming this little person. It’s so awesome. Here is a summary of what’s she up to at 10 months!
    • still no teeth. I am not even joking on this….! Too funny.
    • LOVES food. Eats everything. Mostly wants to feed herself. If we give her something that is super messy, we spoon feed it to her & she is OK with it, but grabs at the spoon & would much rather do it herself. Which we find hilarious…! Someone like to be in control I think, eh?
    • waves hello & bye bye. Cutest thing!
    • LOVES reading books and looking through them – one of the only things that keeps her sitting still these days…
    • crawls everywhere. Pushes aside the baby gate and crawls right through it. Turns around at me & laughs when she does it!
    • is starting to understand the meaning of the word “No”…sort of. haha.
    • has mastered her sippy cup and LOVES it. Always wants to drink water out of her sippy cup. She throws it back like a champ!
    • likes to stand up ALL the time. Pulls herself up and stands without holding on.
    • goes to lots & lots of places and restaurants with Mommy & Daddy. She is becoming a pro at eating in restaurants with us – lots of fun!
    • Still hasn’t taken a first step, but she wants to. She stands there and lunges towards me into my lap!
    • LOVES being tickled on her belly and around her neck. She giggles & squeals with delight when we do it. Hysterical.
    • is getting LONG. She is out growing a lot of her clothes due to length. These photos above truly show just how big she’s getting.

    She is still such a happy little girl (as you can tell from these pics!). I am already planning her first birthday party – I will admit that I am excited about all the fun decorating and crafting I will get to do for it ๐Ÿ™‚

    9 Months.

    so here we are at 9 months…just 3 months until my little girl is a year old. I cannot believe it. In case you missed my 2 other posts tonight, I am finally getting around to posting month updates for the last few months. I clearly slacked on those..sorry! Time just got away from me. I really wanted to keep doing this though, because I am using this as a journal for when I scrapbook these photos. In fact, I plan on starting that scrapbook soon, so stay tuned for info on that!

    So, Brooke is growing so fast and learning more & more everyday. She keeps us laughing all the time…and definitely keeps us on our toes! Only the beginning I’m sure…

    OK I have a confession. I am obsessed with her chunk. I could NOT resist this shot. I mean who could? And I will also confess that even though it’s January, I sometimes delay putting her clothes on her for a few minutes. Just so I can watch her roam around in her diaper. Because she is SO cute with all the chunk everywhere. GAH. Love it ๐Ÿ™‚

    …and below she is finally saying “ENOUGH with the pictures Mom. SERIOUSLY!!?!”

    At 9 months, Brooke:

    • is completely, 100% mobile. She is EVERYWHERE. Crawling forward, zooming around, pulling up on anything & everything entirely on her own.
    • has stood in place, freestanding a few times without holding onto anything (yikes!)
    • is almost walking. Yes, I know. Way too fast. I don’t think it will be much longer until she takes a few steps…!
    • chats it up all the time. MAMAMAMAMA and DADADADA are a few of her favorites. I’m not 100% sure that she knows what they mean, but loves to say it a lot. It’s super cute!
    • is a human vacuum with food. Loves anything & everything we put in front of her. She just *sort of* started taking things off a spoon, like yogurt. But prefers to feed herself way more. She LOVES broccoli and American cheese. But for the most part she eats anything we give her.
    • still has zero teeth. HA! Every week I think it’s going to happen but still nothing yet.
    • sleeps great (aside from when she is sick but who can blame her). She still falls asleep a lot in the car and naps great so I can’t complain. She typically takes one small nap in the morning and then a longer nap in the afternoon.
    • spends time in my crafting room with me sometimes after her afternoon nap. I bring her up there when I’m trying to finish something up & she has a great time. I don’t bring any of her toys up there, I just give her a few of my things to play with. She loves exploring and getting to play with new things, and be with Mama of course ๐Ÿ™‚
    • still going to swim class & loving it.
    • still smiley all the time, even at total strangers. Love it. Such a happy girl – We are truly blessed!

    I’ve been taking her photos in her playroom lately. We are still working on finishing the room, but I’m sure you can tell by these pics that we sort of tiled the floor with those foam squares. It works out great and adds nice color to the room. I hope over the next few weeks we can get some paint on the walls & add some decorations. I am sure I will do a post about it on here once it’s complete!