a quick digital page using My Digital Studio

I was lucky & snagged a copy of MDS from Stampin Up for a great price. I started playing around with it a bit tonight & came up with this quick scrapbook page. I used a pre-designed Christmas Layout & changed most of the stuff on there, ha. But I will say it was pretty easy to work with. I am hoping this software will make me digital scrapbook a little more perhaps?

This is one of my favorite photos of Pete & I  – it was on our Honeymoon in Hawaii – 2007. Oh, to be back in Hawaii again!! *sigh*


a few digi-scrap pages

so you know how I was all into my Flair yesterday? Well I thought, how cute is this screen capture? I should probably scrap that so in 10 years I can look back & laugh. And just like that, a digital scrapbook page was born 🙂

here is my Flair scrap page:

Journaling Reads:
Facebook can be so addictive. I just love the “pieces of Flair” application. I choose the cute little buttons that make me laugh or ones that totally match my personality. They even have lots of craft and scrapbooking flair!

I used the Promise Collection from Shabby Princess Designs. This kit is SUPER cute and best of all…it was FREE. I’ve only dabbled here & there in Digital Scrapbooking. I am by no means good at it. HA. I used Adobe Photoshop, as I’ve worked with that software for a few years now, so I somewhat know my way around it. At any rate, I’m hoping to get more into digi-scrappin’ and maybe start to purchase some of the wonderful kits that are out there. If anyone has a favorite site to get these kits, please let me know!!

And here is another page that I did with the same kit:

Journaling Reads:
This summer we finally started using our front porch. We found a patio set at Target and used it every week. Pete was the grill master and I setup everything else. I can still taste the steak tips and wine. MMM…it really makes me miss summertime.

Digi-Scrap Page #2

I was on a roll with the whole digital scrapbooking thing so I decided to keep going and create page #2 for this layout. It’s lots of fun. (click on above photo for larger view)

Adobe Photoshop is so powerful, and I only know how to use like .01% of the features!! Layering is very powerful though. There are lots of neat things you can do.

I’m not quite sure what I will do with my digital layouts just yet. I might just keep a folder of them, and once I feel like I have enough, create a printed photo book with them. For now I’m going to keep perusing the web for free digital kits – until I know that I like it enough to start purchasing them. (like I need to BUY any more supplies that have to do with scrapbooking! ha!)

This weekend I hope to get to use my new Cricut Design Studio Software – I got it courtesy of some gift cards for my birthday. I can’t wait to play around with it! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Digital Scrap Kit: “Harvest Spice” from the Shabby Princess – check her out! Lots of great layouts! best part is they are FREE!!

my very first attempt at digi-scrappin.

hey everyone – I know I’ve been pretty quiet lately, sorry about that! I hope to get into more of a routine and have more uploads for you soon. I am working on putting together another little video – that should be posted in a few days.

Today I thought I would share with you my first attempt at digital scrapbooking! Yep I took the plunge. For this layout I used Adobe Photoshop Software, and downloaded this wonderful free kit from Shabby Princess. The name of the kit is called “Harvest Spice”. (if you click the photo below it should show up nice & large for you to look at).

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think, and please do share any hints/tips/advice for Digital Scrapbooking! Any good sites that you have, I will post here for all to see. I’m hoping to get more into it, as I can basically do it from anywhere, as long as I have my laptop with me!