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Cleaning out my Craft Room!

Hi everyone! Do you already follow me on Facebook? If not, be sure to go there & follow my page! I’m cleaning out my craft room this week and I’ve just posted an album FULL of items that need a new home – please check it out if you can!

FOR SALE: Leftover Craft Fair Items

Hi folks! I am offering up the remaining craft fair items I have for sale.

UPDATE: there are still some items left – a lot has sold. The PDF file should be up to date with what is left.

If you are interested in any items, please email me ASAP to reserve your items. A few things to note (please read!!):

  • I am offering items on first come, first serve basis. I will update the PDF document to reflect sold items as quickly as I can.
  • where applicable, PLEASE indicate what color item, design, etc. you would like when you email me – it helps greatly :)
  • Prices do NOT include shipping. Once I have your order, I will calculate postage and get back to you with the total amount.
  • Paypal only, please. I will be invoicing you directly through paypal.
  • Include your shipping zip code when you email me, it will help me to calculate shipping :)
  • I am open to shipping internationally, if you guys are open to the cost of shipping :( I hate how much shipping is…but I already charge such a small amount for the items I create, I would be losing money if I discounted any further :(

CLICK HERE to see the list of everything I have left.

Thanks everyone!!

SOLD: Leftover Craft Fair Goodies

At the moment, all items are now SOLD. I will update if anything becomes available again. Thanks everyone!

Hi everyone – I have some leftover craft fair items for sale so I thought I’d offer them up on the blog. If you are interested in purchasing any of these items, please¬†EMAIL ME with the following:

  • item(s) you would like to purchase (please indicate how many of each)
  • specific item (if applicable) i.e. style of post-it note based on photos below.
  • your shipping Zip Code (so I can calculate postage)

I will do my best to keep this listing as up to date as possible as soon as items sell. Check back often as items might sell out before you email me.

I’ve done my best to describe the items I’m selling & provide photos of exact styles available. It’s helpful to know which style you would like to purchase when you email me. I am going to try & cross out items that are purchased to make this easier for you.

Lastly, I plan on shipping most items within 5-7 days of purchase, depending on how the orders go. This should give you plenty of time to have them by Christmas. I ask that payments be made as promptly as possible so that I can have all items shipped out to you ASAP. Thanks!

Friendship Tea: $2 each (6 available) see pics below for the exact colors available.

3 of the yellow floral ones seen here:

3 of the Yellow style ones shown here:

Snowman Kisses: $2.50 each (8 available) an example of what these look like, the exact color of red ribbon might vary.

Snowman Kisses: $2.50 each (2 available) these are just a little different in style…here is a pic of what they look like (sorry for the low quality pic, it was taken with my phone)


Large Post-It Magnets ($4 each, 2 available)

Small Post-It Magnets ($3 each, 4 available)

Teacher Magnets ($2.50 each, 1 available): all seen in this photo

Skinny NotePads w/ matching pen: $4 each (1 available) Seen in this pic, I have one of the Polka Dot available.

Holiday Planner Notepads w/ matching pen: $4 each (3 available) Seen in this pic

Christmas Kleenex: $2.50 each (2 available – 1 Santa and 1 Snowmen are left, no reindeer ones left)

Santa Hershey Bars: $2.50 each (8 available) Contains one regular sized Hershey Bar

Lip Balm Purses: $3 each (8 available) styles available:

Packaged Post-It Holders w/ Pen: $3.50 each (3 for $10) See pics for ones that are available:

Click here to email me if you’re interested in any of these items.

Prices listed do not include shipping. I will calculate postage and send you an invoice based upon items you’ve selected. If you are local to MA, let me know & we can probably meet up somewhere to avoid shipping costs.

Paypal only, please.

Thanks everyone for looking!!

Teachers Gifts & Updated Etsy Shop!

Hi all – I’ve been able to get some crafting done these last few days (yay!) I find that it keeps my sanity :) I love being a Mom, but let’s face it – we all need some down time every now & then, right? Even if it’s just a half hour here & there – I’ll take it. I’m trying to be better about letting myself take a break when I need to.

And what’s more relaxing then making fun handmade gifts? I know I said I was getting away from all this stuff but the truth is that I love doing it. So I decided to make some Teacher Gifts and list them for sale in my Etsy Shop. If you’re interested in any of these, please stop by there & check ‘em out.

These are some post-it stands. If you’ve seen my craft fair stuff, you are familiar with these. They make great gifts. I’ve included a matching RSVP pen. What I like about these is that they are re-usable. When the post-it is done, you just slap a new one back on!

These are some magnets that I created using the “Teacher’s Apple” stamp set from PTI. They measure 3.5″x2.5″ (sized for a wallet size photo). They are also another great way of thanking a Teacher:

I hope to list more items in the next few days in my shop, so check back soon for blog posts about that.

FOR SALE: Scrapbooking Desk

This item is for people local to the area only, as it’s a piece of furniture that will need to be picked up!

I’m selling my scrapbook desk. This was purchased roughly 5 years ago from – I originally paid over $200 for it. I’m looking to get $50 for it – I will even throw in that fancy curtain down at the bottom to hide all your wires ;)

This desk measures approx. 60″ tall x 36″ wide x 23″ deep. It has 10 adjustable shelves total (5 on each side) with space in the middle for other items to store. It is made of MDF wood & is nice & solid. The paper slots hold up to 12″x12″ paper or cardstock. I love it & it has served a great purpose for me. I just won’t be able to move it up to my attic, where my new crafting space will be.

It also has a built in light, and a row of hooks to hang tools or embellishments. It has a few ink stains of love on the surface, but nothing that makes it unusable or too unattractive.

If you are interested, please contact me & we can maybe arrange for you to come by & take a look. Thanks!!

SOLD: Cleaning out My Craft Room: Clear Acrylic Frames

EDIT: These are now sold!!

So…you know how I just LOVE making these post-it stands??

Well, I have to confess that I have 45 of these things that I’m not going to use. Apparently I got a little carried away with buying them for my fairs…

I get asked ALL the time where I get these. So I figured someone here could use a stash of them for their fairs? I’d like to sell them and I’m just looking to recoup what I paid.¬†Because of the weight of the package, it makes most sense to mail in a Flat Rate box. So I’m selling these for $42 – which includes the cost of shipping. That works out to be about 93 cents each for these frames. These frames are 3.5″ x 5″ – the same exact size that I used for the ones pictured above. These are my #1 selling item at Craft Fairs, hands down. They also make GREAT gift for Teachers & Co-workers.

First person to email me & let me know you want them, they are yours. I will get them shipped right out to you tomorrow.

Domestic only – no international. Paypal only, please.