Podcast Love: The Scrap Gals

So, I’ve recently discovered Podcasts. It’s not that I didn’t already know of them – I just never really took the time to find or listen to any that I may enjoy. I commute to work 2 days a week, and I have a bit of a drive. I was SO SO tired of listening to music – I had to find something else to listen to. I also felt my crafty mojo was LONG gone – and I wanted to get it back. I decided to do a search for a crafty Podcast – more specifically, a scrapbook related one. There is a very well known one out there run by the Paperclipping Roundtable – and I admit, it’s just OK for me. I sometimes listen – but I feel like I already read enough blogs and watch enough YouTube videos of the “scrap celebs” – I was looking for something more real, more down to earth…more…regular.
The Scrap Gals Podcast

And then, I found the Scrap Gals. Oh.My.WORD. These girls are HI.LAR.I.OUS. SO MUCH FUN. If you have never listened to a Podcast before, do yourself a favor and give it a try. You don’t need an iPhone or iPod to listen. You can do so easily via the web. Although, you can certainly subscribe via your Apple device and stream while you drive, run, clean your house, scrapbook…whatever you prefer.

The podcast is run by two ladies named Tiffany and Tracie. They live in the South (which cracks me up because I spend half the time giggling at their accents and hilarious southern sayings. What can I say, I’m a masshole. LOL). They are down to earth, they don’t work for any major companies – just giving their honest opinions and discussing the daily struggles of a real life scrapper 😉 What I like is that it totally gets me motivated to try new things, or go home and make a layout. Just thinking about all the new product or even old product – makes me want to MAKE THINGS. Which I love!! I highly encourage you to check them out!

ALSO: if you have made it this far, here’s the best part. They have an online Facebook community – and it’s totally fun. We are all in there talking about all sorts of things crafty (not just scrapbooking) – cardmaking, planner craze, you name it. So PLEASE come join us!!

an update on things

Hello, everyone!

I know, you’re probably dying of shock that there’s a new post on my blog, right? Ha! Sorry for falling completely off the earth during most of 2013. We had an insanely busy year, to say the least. I last updated that our house was on the market, and I was cleaning/packing up my craft room. (Sad!!) We sold our house and moved out by the end of September. It was bittersweet leaving the home that we had got married in and totally renovated all on our own. However, we knew there were bigger/more exciting things in store for us!

After having zero luck finding a house to buy, we decided to build. We’ve been consumed by that (among other things) these past few months. The fall was pretty crazy as it involved us moving almost everything we own into storage, and then finding and moving into a (small) apartment while we wait for our home to be completed. Things with the house are moving along and we expect/hope to be in by the end of February – maybe sooner?

ON TOP of all that…we have something else to contend with…


YES! Brooke is going to be a big sister 🙂 I’m due any day now with baby #2. We are very excited. And nervous. And a little crazed. To say that this pregnancy has been different than my first is the understatement of the year. When we moved out of our house, I was roughly 22 weeks pregnant. We’ve been living further away (the only place we could find to rent that wasn’t astronomical in price) and spending a LOT of time in the car. Traffic has been bad – and our living situation just has not been ideal. But we’ve managed. Our weeks have been filled with DR appointments, house meetings, picking out anything & everything for our new home, working, driving, more driving, getting ready for this baby’s arrival, and OH YEA occupying the crazy almost-3-year-old that we have!

SO – as you can imagine, I have had basically zero time to be creative. I did bring a few small supplies with me to the apartment and I was able to get some things scrapped in the Fall. However that’s all been put away now to make room for the baby crap 😉 I HAVE had some time to sew. I’ve made a quilt top for this little one – and even started one for Brooke’s new big-girl room. I hope to share those once they are all quilted.

As for Brooke, she is GROWING and is so fun. She will be 3 in April (if you can believe it!) and amazes us every day. She is also challenging, because she is a toddler. LOL. I feel like having a newborn again will be nothing compared to parenting a toddler?!!? But I know that will be hard too, for it’s own reasons.

Here are some pics to fill you in on some of our recent adventures…

October 2013: 2nd floor framing going up on our new home:


A view of the house pre-siding. Framing was still going on. This was from October 2013:


The attic (!!!!) which is where my *someday* craft room will be. We are leaving it unfinished for now…but someday it will be amazing. Can you say ADORE??? (ignore my Dad chugging his coffee in this pic, haha)


My happy little munchkin and me on Thanksgiving! (look how big she is getting…!)


a Christmas family photo!


recent pic of the inside of our new house. Hardwoods are in and they are now completing all the finish work:


And finally, a more recent outdoor pic: columns have since been painted white to match, black shutters will also be going up soon:


Phew! I think that’s mostly it for now. I am not sure when I will be back to posting. I DO plan on having a nifty crafty space in the new house – but for a while it will probably just be a temporary setup in the guest bedroom. You know, until my life calms down a bit 😉 Once this baby arrives, we will have just a few weeks until we have to pack everything up and move again – but at least this time we will be moving into our brand new home! I’m so SO excited to have a home again, and space. It’s going to take time to dig ourselves out, but will be more than worth it in the end.

If you’d like to follow along and keep up with me, you can find me on Instagram. I post pretty often – and as long as you’re not a super creepy weirdo, I accept followers 🙂

Hopefully I can whip up another quick post before this baby comes, to show you the few crafty things I did work on over the past few months. Stay tuned and THANKS everyone for even coming back to read my little ol’ blog. I know I’ve totally disappeared on you – and there have been emails that I have not even be able to read or get to -for that I am sorry! Life just has to take priority right now. Some day I will be back to crafting, blogging, and emailing. Hopefully it will all still be here waiting for me, when I’m ready 🙂