messy & late

Kristina had a super cute post on her blog last week about Messy Crafters uniting! I am late posting this…but better late than never, right??

If you all thought that my room looked like THIS all the time, you were sorely mistaken 😉

For the most part, when I’m done a project I do put the room back together and have it cleaned up nicely. I will say that having all that organization from IKEA allows me to cleanup relatively quickly.

But when I’m in the middle of something? Oh, it’s a mess. I simply cannot keep my desk orderly when I craft. But that’s OK – the cat doesn’t seem to mind too much:

Tuxedo Black ink to go along with my Tuxedo black kitty. Perfect.

This is where he says “Ok Mum – enough is enough. You’ve been at this desk for FAR too long and I’m not gettin’ any rubs. Time to pack it up & come lay down with me.”

God, I love my cat.


Craft Room Organization: Fabric Panels

I’ve been into sewing lately. I get  a case of crafting A.D.D. every now & then and I need something to distract me. This month it’s sewing. It all started because I was getting tired of the way things looked under the tables in my craft room:


Those drawers up there are where I store all of my cardstock scraps. I LOVE this system. It’s a great way to utilize the space under the table (which is otherwise wasted). I can easily pull these drawers out when I need to get to scraps (they come completely out of the unit which I really like). I sort mine by color. The only problem is that it looks messy (along w/ the other crapola I shove under there). I decided I wanted a way to cover it up so when I’m not accessing my scraps it looks more attractive.

Also, we have this trainwreck which was in desperate need of something to hide it (or blow it up entirely):


God, I hate wires. I’m a gadget girl but I hate wires. Unfortunately the fact that I have so many gadgets creates quite the the predicament for me when I want things to look tidy. I decided to solve both of the above problems with fabric panels & some tension rods:


All of my scraps are still nice & accessible when I need them. I just push away the fabric panel & open the drawers that I need. I bought the tension rods at Target for a few bucks each & they work GREAT. Such a cheap & easy solution.


I found the fabric on sale at Joann’s – I like the simplicity of the colors but the pattern adds some character. I think what we mostly need to emphasize here people is that I CAN SEW SQUARES!! I CAN SEW IN A SEMI-STRAIGHT LINE!!!

It’s the little things I tell ya.

Anyway – next on my list is creating something to wrap around this table here to cover up this bad boy. (No, not the giant fat cat – look past until you see the bleeding eyesore of wires & dust bunnies.)


Typical Max. Always in my shot. And while we are on the subject, can we discuss what is wrong with this picture below?? I mean really, how am I to learn how to sew with this giant furball always getting in my way?


Hmmph. I suppose I will allow him to stay. After all, I did grab the camera & take photo upon photo of him lying there instead of shooing him off. And then I patted him on the head.

I promise to share this sewing project that Max is lying on once it’s complete. It’s super fun & easy to do.

Hope you are all enjoying the summer weather. It’s been great so far up here in MA.