Craft Fair Goodies: Snowman Popcorn

By far one of my most popular posts has been the Snowman Hershey Bar wrappers. Seriously, they are one of the most fun gifts to make and give at Christmas time! They always seem to sell very well at my craft fairs, too. Unfortunately, there seems to be some issues with downloading the digital file these days – I get SO many emails asking for help because the download doesn’t work. I wish I had more info about why the file won’t download for some of you. It’s a total bummer 🙁

I figured since so many people were having issues with the Hershey wrapper, I would try something else this year. When I saw these FREE popcorn wrappers from Whimsie Doodles – I knew I had to make ’em! You can download these and print them right from your computer. If you’d like, you can color them, or if you’re lazy like me, you can color them in your computer software (I used Photoshop to add/fill color in where I wanted) and then printed them on my color printer.

Here’s what the finished result looks like:

The hats are made the same way (just a little larger) – inside these guys is one packet of microwavable popcorn. I just measured my packet of popcorn and sized the hats accordingly. I added a jingle bell on top – mostly because I just think it’s fun 🙂 There’s even a greeting that prints on these wrappers – it says “There’s SNOW Buddy like you!” – and has a section for to/from for you to fill out:

When you slide the wrapper up, you can see the bag of popcorn. I grabbed some Newman’s brand popcorn, but you could use any that you like – I believe they are mostly all the same size, so the wrapper will fit any brand.

Here’s a tip if you plan on making this version to sell at craft fairs: my secret to keeping cost low is grabbing fleece from the remnants bin at Joann fabric. It’s usually 50%-75% off full retail price – and you don’t need a ton of fleece to make these hats. I just grab what I can whenever I’m there and stash it aside for the Holiday season.

I’ve also seen these made with fitted winter gloves, instead of a fleece hat. You would take the gloves and slide them over the top, making this a double gift: popcorn AND winter gloves, woohoo! I haven’t tried those this year, but I might someday…here is a photo of the sample on the Whimsie Doodles site – you can see how they used some gloves to create their version…so cute!

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OK…now for the BEST news!  Whimsie Doodles is planning on releasing their OWN version of a Snowman wrapper that will fit onto a Hershey bar, too! Woohoo! As SOON as they become available I will of course share here with you all. It would be great to have another variation on these, and one that you can reliably download.

I hope you guys like this new spin on the Snowman wrappers – I’d love to see your creations, so let me know if you try these! Thanks!

10 thoughts on “Craft Fair Goodies: Snowman Popcorn

  1. These are adorable!!!! OMG, I want to make one for each of the kids in my third grade class!! The heck with pencils!!

  2. I love these. They are so cute. I like the idea of the gloves because I don’t sew. Awesome gift idea.

  3. I now know why it is a problem. You have to have the Zip Drive program. I do not and I think it cost too much. So-I sent the info to my local print shop and they opened it and printed for me. YEA!!!!

  4. So cute! Can you tell us how you made the hats (or post to a previous link.. I think I’ve seen a similar project on here before..?)? Also, how much do you plan to charge for these? 🙂

  5. Hi Kerry these are so cute but I cannot figure out how to color the snowman in can you email me how to do this step by step. Thanks Kristi

  6. I brought this as a hostess gift, attached to a bottle of wine! Perfect. So cute sticking outside of the winebag.

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