Craft Fair Goodies: Snowman Soup

I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend. We sure did! Friday night I got to scrapbook with my friend Jen, drink wine & eat take out. FUN 🙂

The rest of the weekend we did things around the house – I crafted & Pete was working on remodeling our attic. It was great to just be at home & get things done! I wanted to share with you my latest creation for upcoming Fairs this Fall…

Here is this year’s version of “Snowman Soup”. I created just a few of these last year and they sold out pretty quick. I decided that I wanted to change it up a bit this year & see if I could find a mug to put the ingredients in. I was able to find plain white mugs at the Christmas Tree Shop for a very reasonable price.


Closeup of the poem that is hanging from the handle, which reads:

Heard you’ve been real good this year,
Always glad to hear it!
With freezing weather drawing near,
you’ll need to warm the spirit…

Here’s a little snowman soup
complete with stirring stick
Just add hot water, sip it slow
it’s sure to do the trick!

Note: I got this poem from SCS – it is not my original creation.


The ingredients are: 1 Candy Cane, 1 Package of Hot Cocoa, 1 small bag of marshmallows. (I will also be adding 2 Hershey Kisses)


I used Rub-On’s that I found at Michael’s to decorate the mug. They went on nicely, but I am concerned about durability. I think these mugs are going to be “hand wash only” – unless I can figure out how to seal the rub-on onto the mug. Does anyone have any tips on a good sealant that will look decent?


I’m doing some more fun things with Hot Cocoa & Christmas…so I will be back later on this week to share with you guys. Thanks for stopping by & checking out my stuff!

16 thoughts on “Craft Fair Goodies: Snowman Soup

  1. Kerry, these are so cute!!! What a great idea.. to but white mugs and then put rubons on them!! I may have to try that myself… now where did you find candy canes this early? Or are they already out?

  2. These are so cute! I will be casing them definately! Hope I remember to check back here for any answers regarding the question about sealing the mugs..I would like to know that also..TFS

    Girl! You are on the roll with Christmas creations! I’m stuck on Halloween and thinking what to do for the fall!
    Your like a big big step head of us!!!
    But sure have to say……….LOVE EM!

  4. Hey Kerry, I have another question… what do you do about chocolate and your craft shows? I have 2 shows the last weekend in September and it is still in the 70s if not 80s… chocolate will melt. Last year I had the “homemade”fudge using the hershey bars I had maybe 10 and luckily someone bought them right away, before they could melt. I really want to do nugget tins and stuff like that but I don’t think I will be able to! Also I just made a bunch of the kit kat holders… I may have to stick to just gum… sorry this is so long… thanks again for your inspiration! Beth

    1. hi Beth – I know what you mean (sorta) about the chocolate. When I did my fair this summer, I didn’t use ANY chocolate for fear that it would melt everywhere & be a gooey mess. Luckily, my fair in October is outside (or maybe not lucky if it rains!!) – but the temps up here in MA are pretty cool by Mid-October. The other fair I’m doing is in late November…and last year I just about froze into a POPSICLE it was so cold! So as much as this totally does NOT answer your question, I will have to say that the climate I am in eliminates this problem for me. Sorry I don’t have a better answer for you! 🙁

  5. Mod Podge will come off in the dishwasher and Crystal Affects might as well. I make glass tile necklaces and if one doesn’t turn out, I put it in the silverware area of the dishwasher. I seal mine with several layers of Glossy Accents and it comes right off in the dishwasher. ON a thread at SCS last year someone suggested coating mugs with acrylic sealant just not spraying it close to where you would put your mouth. I haven’t tried it. I think these are hand wash only, no matter what you seal them with.

  6. Sealant: I found a jar of “Triple Thick Glaze Sealant” from Krylon in the more professional painting section of Michael’s. It seems to work to seal the rub ons or stamped items, whatever. I would only paint the sealant on the actual design [like maybe in a shape, like a circle around the design]. It is still handwash only but it should stay WAY BETTER than Mod Podge! BTW, I use my finger tip rather than a paint brush because I find it doesn’t leave any brush marks -or bubbles like the sponge applicator did. Also, I use the TTGS spray for things like stationary sets but the jar glaze for items that need a specific area like this project. GL!

  7. Love these, so cute! You could always us clear mugs and etch them with a design so it won’t come off, just a thought.

  8. Dear Kerry
    Enjoy your site and all your info, First craft show Oct 3rd, doing mostly paper products. Could you tell me how many of each item you take to shows? I”ve been working at my part time job so mcuh, I haven’t been able to craft as much as I’d like. How mch would you charge for a nugget 4 pck in box with matching paper? This show is at a high school
    maybe 300 people show up.

    thanks for all your help and LOVE your crafts

    p.s. how much do you charge for snowman soup in and out of cups?

  9. Love your idea. I bought cups today at Dollar tree that look like a snowman head–and the nose points out!! There were too cute to pass up. I am still debating on soup or this recipe. How of a big of a circle punch did you use for these??

  10. Kerry, I love your crafts!!! I would love to talk to you about what else you make! I would love to maybe include some in care packages i send to the troos!! I do have facebook page for supporting the troops called Operation piece of home and im working on trying to get a website and making it legit! Please email me!
    Thank you Tara Bush

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