Craft Fair Goodies & VIDEO: Hand Santatizers

I have another fun and quick tutorial to share with you today: Hand “Santatizers”…!

These were not my original idea, but I had some bottles of hand sanitizer that I’ve been looking to do something creative with. I did some googling and stumbled upon this idea. I just had to give it a try…! Once I figured out how to make one, I realized these would be super quick to put together. I decided to film a tutorial showing you how I made my version.

I used the following punches on this project:

You can watch the video below, or over on YouTube. Enjoy!!


  1. Super cute, how much did you sell them for?

  2. I bought these for dinner favors. Great idea!

  3. omg this is darling…thanks for sharing!

  4. Super cute idea! I think I shall make a few. TFS!!!

  5. These are adorable!! And so quick to make. I’m going to make some up to take to the employees of the assisted living facility where my Mom lives. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  6. I LOVE this idea, will be borrowing it…we all use this stuff.. and Nancy’s comment about taking them to her MOM”s assisted living facility is such a great idea too..thanks for sharing I am also curious as to your pricing?

  7. So cute, thanks for sharing, I have some sanitizer just waiting for a new project…this will fit the bill.

  8. These are too cute and looks in part for the coming holidays. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Another great idea! You always inspire — I’m now wondering what other play on words we could make for shower gel or bubble bath. Hmmmm

  10. Absolutely adorable. Thanks for taking the time to share your tutorial with us.

  11. These are too cute and looks in part for the coming holidays. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Just wanted to let you know this is a “jolly” good idea to gift for simple little gifts of thanks for helping hands!

  13. Thanks so much for sharing.I made a bunch of these last night and they were so quick to do . Looking forward to seeing more of your videos