Craft Fair Goodies & Video Tutorial: Snowmen Hershey Bar Wrappers

NEW UPDATE: The file is no longer available from Laurie's blog. You can do a google image search to find the file, or you can try downloading from any of these locations HERE, or an alternate but similar version HERE. THANKS!

EDIT: I've received a lot of inquiries on how to print the file. I cannot really tell you how to line it up or size it, as I just adjusted it & played around with it. I used Microsoft Powerpoint to do this, you could also use MS Word or any other word processing software. I hope that helps!

I am SO excited to share this one with you!

I was cruising one of my favorite sites ( the other day (of course!) and we were all sharing some craft fair ideas. Someone was kind enough to link to Laurie Furnell's Blog - where she shared the cutest snowman candy bar wrappers. These are digital art files that you can print out right from the computer - and the best part is that Laurie is offering them for FREE! How generous!

I knew I had to try these when I saw them. I saw some really cute ideas & was determined to figure out how to make those little fleece hats. So here is my attempt:


I grabbed the fleece from my local Joann Fabric store. TIP: check the "remnants bin" - where they have small remnants from larger bolts of fabric. You won't need a ton of fabric to make these, so using remnants is a great way to make this project super cheap. I was lucky to get all of that red fleece from the remnants pile :)


Here is another view - I just have a regular ol' Hershey Bar in there. I plan on selling these at my Craft Fair - I hope they are a crowd pleaser!


On to the video where I hope I explain how to make these fleece hats pretty easily. Click HERE to watch it on YouTube. Thanks!