Craft Fair Goodies & Video Tutorial: Snowmen Hershey Bar Wrappers

NEW UPDATE: The file is no longer available from Laurie’s blog. You can do a google image search to find the file, or you can try downloading from any of these locations HERE, or an alternate but similar version HERE. THANKS!

EDIT: I’ve received a lot of inquiries on how to print the file. I cannot really tell you how to line it up or size it, as I just adjusted it & played around with it. I used Microsoft Powerpoint to do this, you could also use MS Word or any other word processing software. I hope that helps!

I am SO excited to share this one with you!

I was cruising one of my favorite sites ( the other day (of course!) and we were all sharing some craft fair ideas. Someone was kind enough to link to Laurie Furnell’s Blog – where she shared the cutest snowman candy bar wrappers. These are digital art files that you can print out right from the computer – and the best part is that Laurie is offering them for FREE! How generous!

I knew I had to try these when I saw them. I saw some really cute ideas & was determined to figure out how to make those little fleece hats. So here is my attempt:


I grabbed the fleece from my local Joann Fabric store. TIP: check the “remnants bin” – where they have small remnants from larger bolts of fabric. You won’t need a ton of fabric to make these, so using remnants is a great way to make this project super cheap. I was lucky to get all of that red fleece from the remnants pile :)


Here is another view – I just have a regular ol’ Hershey Bar in there. I plan on selling these at my Craft Fair – I hope they are a crowd pleaser!


On to the video where I hope I explain how to make these fleece hats pretty easily. Click HERE to watch it on YouTube. Thanks!


  1. Hi Kerry…Super video! Glad to see that my little snowman has found another happy home and that you are helping to spread a little Christmas Cheer! :)Hugs,Laurie

  2. Love these! Thanks for sharing the link and your video. I made some last night and had fun. I’m going to try to make some with micro- popcorn like it was mentioned above.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. These are so cute. Thanks for showing us how to make the hat. I don’t sew much but I think I can handle a straight stitch! Happy Holidays!

  4. Hi Kerry , just love these little guys, I would love to make some, however here in France it is difficult to find regular choc bars, what size is the Hershey bar? he is so cute, just can’t find a small enough bar right now..

    Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas kerry..

    • hi Teresa – these are regular sized Hershey Bars that you can buy here in the US. I am not sure of the exact dimensions, but they are roughly 5.75″ tall I believe (just going by the size of the wrapper) – they are probably about 2.25″ inches wide maybe?

  5. Hi, Kerry! Loved your video!
    I am going to try some of these!
    I had to laugh at the rubber band on your arm! LOL My kids always teased me cause I usually had one on my hand most days! LOL At least it was ‘there’ if I needed it! hehehe

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  7. hi kerry. love these. will definitly be making these this year for christmans can you email me the file template.

  8. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I made these for the last 3 shows I did this year, and they were such a big hit! They make a great display to draw people in because really, who doesn’t love cute little snowmen made of chocolate?!