Craft Fair Goodies: Witch’s Hat Treats

Hi everyone – I’ve got a lot of good stuff to share with you this week! (I promise a video on the Hot Cocoa sliders, it’s already been filmed!!)

Saturday was a super rainy day here in MA – so I headed over to my LSS to pick up some supplies. I was checking out when I noticed the cutest thing on the counter…it was a mini sized Witch Hat, and inside was a mini Reeses PB Cup. I decided I HAD TO MAKE THIS when I got home!

I didn’t have any mini Reeses…but I did have Hershey Kisses. So here is what I came up with. I shot a super quick video to show you how to make these. I think I will sell them for like 25 cents a piece. It’s a great way to use up your scraps…



and here is the video! If you want to watch in full HD, head on over to YouTube. Thanks!


  1. I could watch your videos all day

  2. These are too cute…. what a great idea… can you think of something similar for Christmas? My next show isn’t til Novemeber!!

  3. Thank you so much for the video, sometimes you see things and aren’t quite sure how to put them together. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. I love this! You have the best collection of easy to do ideas I’ve ever seen. Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  5. So cute Kerry!
    Can’t wait to see that video!!!! :)

  6. Super creative idea, Kerry!

  7. so so cute