Craft Fair Recap: Nov 2010

Hi everyone – just a quick recap on some fairs I did this past week.

On Thursday, 11/18 I did a Holiday Shopping night at a local elementary school. This is a wonderful event – it’s only 3 hours & they get some really great vendors. It’s very festive & fun. I was able to meet some of my awesome readers – so nice seeing you all – thanks for coming by!

I’ve uploaded a whole album of pics from this setup HERE. But here are a few pics of my table. The quality of these are not that great, as lighting was poor – but hopefully you can get the idea:

I didn’t really bring my “full setup” to this show – as I didn’t want to bother w/ the wire racks, etc.  – so space was a bit limited on my table. I find that using those wire racks really frees up valuable table space (you will see in the next fair photos what I mean).

On Saturday, 11/20 I did the Middlesex Community College Fair in Bedford. This was my 3rd year at the fair, and it was the best so far! I had success at both my shows but this one is always a great one for me. I love seeing all the people who come & visit my booth each year – thanks to all of you who came by. I sold out of quite a few things!

Snowman Kisses went QUICK. I also sold out of Magic Reindeer Food & Snowmen Hershey Bars. I sold almost all of my nugget tins as well. Greeting cards & Post-It stands were another big hit.

I have a full gallery of pics from my booth HERE. But here are just a few shots of my setup:

These wire racks were great for getting some items off my table & up higher to make it easier to see. On here ,I put things like post-it keychains, bookmarks, and gift card holders. I also was able to hang up my sign. Yay!

I have one more event I am doing at my husband’s company on December 3rd. Just a small Holiday Shopping event during the day for the employees. I am hoping to sell some things I still have left. Depending on what I have after that, I may offer some things up here on the blog or in my Etsy shop. Not sure yet though.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by & checking out my pictures – and again, thanks to all who stopped by my booth & let me know who you are. It is so fun meeting blog readers! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Craft Fair Recap: Nov 2010

  1. WOW! You have been busy and I’m thrilled that everything’s been selling so well for you! You’ve got so many really fun items! You don’t see anything like that at the craft shows around here. I think you’re goodies would sell well anywhere. I am smitten with those litle Hershey Snowmen! Thank you for sharing Laurie’s post on those! I’ll be making up a whole herd of those! May you have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  2. Kerry, I am in awe of how busy you have been creating all of these terrific items. Everything is so attractive and so attractively displayed and packaged. You deserve to do really well!! You’re an inspiration!

  3. I am so glad you did so well at the craft fair. The pictures are fantastic. Everthing looks absolutely super cute. I wish I stayed closer and could have been there. You must have been so… busy to get all that done in such a short time. I love that you share all your “how tos” on your blog. It really helps me, who needs a lot of help. Mine never turn out as good looking at yours but my family enjoys your creations.Thanks again for sharing

  4. I wish I could get as much done as you. I just love your school days scrapbook. I’ve been wanting to make something like that. Thanks for all your help. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  5. I wish I could have been at the MCC fair ! So nice to see you finally got a booth inside ! Your stuff is wonderful still have a few things from a few years ago…who knew then I’d be a regular follower of your blog ! Thanks for the inspiration !

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