Craft Fair Recap: Nov 2010

Hi everyone - just a quick recap on some fairs I did this past week. On Thursday, 11/18 I did a Holiday Shopping night at a local elementary school. This is a wonderful event - it's only 3 hours & they get some really great vendors. It's very festive & fun. I was able to meet some of my awesome readers - so nice seeing you all - thanks for coming by! I've uploaded a whole album of pics from this setup HERE. But here are a few pics of my table. The quality of these are not that great, as lighting was poor - but hopefully you can get the idea:

I didn't really bring my "full setup" to this show - as I didn't want to bother w/ the wire racks, etc.  - so space was a bit limited on my table. I find that using those wire racks really frees up valuable table space (you will see in the next fair photos what I mean).

On Saturday, 11/20 I did the Middlesex Community College Fair in Bedford. This was my 3rd year at the fair, and it was the best so far! I had success at both my shows but this one is always a great one for me. I love seeing all the people who come & visit my booth each year - thanks to all of you who came by. I sold out of quite a few things! Snowman Kisses went QUICK. I also sold out of Magic Reindeer Food & Snowmen Hershey Bars. I sold almost all of my nugget tins as well. Greeting cards & Post-It stands were another big hit. I have a full gallery of pics from my booth HERE. But here are just a few shots of my setup:

These wire racks were great for getting some items off my table & up higher to make it easier to see. On here ,I put things like post-it keychains, bookmarks, and gift card holders. I also was able to hang up my sign. Yay!

I have one more event I am doing at my husband's company on December 3rd. Just a small Holiday Shopping event during the day for the employees. I am hoping to sell some things I still have left. Depending on what I have after that, I may offer some things up here on the blog or in my Etsy shop. Not sure yet though.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by & checking out my pictures - and again, thanks to all who stopped by my booth & let me know who you are. It is so fun meeting blog readers! :)