FOR SALE: Leftover Craft Fair Items

Hi folks! I am offering up the remaining craft fair items I have for sale.

UPDATE: there are still some items left – a lot has sold. The PDF file should be up to date with what is left.

If you are interested in any items, please email me ASAP to reserve your items. A few things to note (please read!!):

  • I am offering items on first come, first serve basis. I will update the PDF document to reflect sold items as quickly as I can.
  • where applicable, PLEASE indicate what color item, design, etc. you would like when you email me – it helps greatly :)
  • Prices do NOT include shipping. Once I have your order, I will calculate postage and get back to you with the total amount.
  • Paypal only, please. I will be invoicing you directly through paypal.
  • Include your shipping zip code when you email me, it will help me to calculate shipping :)
  • I am open to shipping internationally, if you guys are open to the cost of shipping :( I hate how much shipping is…but I already charge such a small amount for the items I create, I would be losing money if I discounted any further :(

CLICK HERE to see the list of everything I have left.

Thanks everyone!!


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  2. Nevermind, it now is pulling up.