Gift Card Holder Template & Instructions

hey everyone! I had a few people respond that they were interested in seeing a template for these gift card holders that I made, so I’ve put one together for ya!

As I mentioned before, there are many people out there who have great templates and styles for making these – so this is not my original idea…but these dimensions are indeed ones I came up with on my own, just trying to figure out what works best with the size of a gift card. You can download the template below. Keep in mind you will need Adobe Acrobat to view it, as it’s a PDF file.

DOWNLOAD: Gift Card Holder Template (PDF)

Once you have the file downloaded, you can either adhere it to your cardstock and cut along the solid lines, or you can use the dimensions that I’ve listed in the template to cut the cardstock yourself. Here is what your cardstock should look like once you have cut it out entirely. (I simply used the white template here for illustration purposes).

The dotted lines are where you need to score the cardstock. (1.75″ and 4.5″, and .25″ along the sides).

The key is cutting off the .25 on each side, only up until the last part, where you will use that .25 edge to fold inside and glue down. I tried to show this in the above photo.

This will form the pocket for your gift card. I used a corner rounder punch on the ends of the flap to finish it off, along with embellishments:

You can also add velcro to the inside so they stick closed.

To see more photos of the finished result, see my posting here.

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