Gift Idea: Tile Photo Coasters

I’m sharing yet another DIY Christmas present…some handmade photo coasters…courtesy of Pinterest, of course!

I followed this pinned tutorial and put a few sets of these together for loved ones. They were SO super easy to make (I know I always say that, but I really mean it this time!) I simply made prints from my local CVS (glossy or matte finish, doesn’t matter) and cut them down to fit my tiles. I found my tiles at Lowes – they cost 34 cents a piece. You can’t beat that! I used Modge Podge to adhere down, coated the top a few times with Modge Podge, and finished them off with several coats of the Modge Podge Matte finish sealer. My only advice is to use that stuff in a well ventilated space. It’s messy…and stinky…!

Here’s the final result. Brooke’s Auntie just loved getting these personalized coasters. I figure that as the years go on I can update her collection with more recent photos. Fun!


11 thoughts on “Gift Idea: Tile Photo Coasters

  1. What an awesome idea – it’s my mom’s birthday at the end of this month – maybe i should make some for her with pics of her two grandchildren…

    Thanks for always sharing your awesome ideas…

  2. I emailed you once about the cutter you used to make antlers for little Reindeer hershy bars. You did reply and I got myself the cutter. Now I have another question. Where do I find the paper for the Angel Hersery bars? Would love to make them here in Arizona. Your ideas and fantastic. Love the pics of you little girl. They grow up so quickly. Thank you in advance.
    Linda Bryce

  3. I have done these before, but my pictures were not as vivid in color as yours. What’s your secret? (These are adorable, by the way!)

  4. I think these are adorable and want to make some for my niece from wedding photos. My question is this-are the tiles ceramic or are they wood? Sorry for being so dense. I think these will make a great gift.

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