Jen’s Helping Hands Update: HUGE thank you!

So I’m doing this a little later than I wanted, but things were crazy with the massive power outage, storm, and then my fair! I also wanted to give people extra time to send stuff in.

Anyway, I’ve packaged everything up, with a note to Jen – and I’ve included all of your gorgeous cards, letters, donations, coupons, gift cards & more! You truly are all AMAZING. Thank you SO much for taking the time to reach out to someone you don’t know -heck, you don’t even really *know* me, so it’s truly awesome to see the outpouring of support from so many. I just know that this care package is sure to make Jen & her family smile.

packing up the pile o’ goodies to send to Jen!

Also: we attended the local Fundraising event held in Jen’s honor on Sat 10/22/11 – I was able to bring a bunch of stuff in person to Jen at the event including formula, baby food & other baby essentials. This was made possible by some of the donations & coupons I had received from you guys. Again, I can’t thank you all enough. I truly have some of the best readers!! 🙂

If you would still like to send Jen something, you can view her story on this website that her sister has put together. There a whole section on “How to Help”.

One thought on “Jen’s Helping Hands Update: HUGE thank you!

  1. Hey Kerry,
    I was so glad to send a Raffle for the fundraiser. I hope it was a success ! I will keep her website in my favorites as is yours and check it out, I also offered to do a fundraiser for her through Tastefully Simple.

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