My *NEW* Crafty Space!

Hi everyone! I was finally able to complete the new room and get some video & photos of my new crafting space. You may remember this post where I said we completed the attic renovation? Well, we moved our guest bedroom up there, as well as my craft room.

I was excited to do this because as much as I loved my last craft room, it was very much “pieced together” with various tables and furniture. It was never really planned out as a functional space. There wasn’t a lot of places to put things away behind closed doors – and it was starting to overwhelm me. Having everything in sight was starting to make me feel suffocated and I was losing my stamping mojo. I also felt like I just had *too much* – I needed to cut down and really keep out only what I truly use.

This time I decided to get some inexpensive cabinets at IKEA. They have worked wonderfully so far. I’m still figuring out where I want everything, but for the most part things are all put away. I also took the time to do a LOT of purging during this transition – which helped quite a bit. I recommend a good purge at least once a year for all you crafters out there.

OK so on to a LOT of photos & 2 videos that give you a tour of the room. I hope I don’t make you sick in these videos – it’s a little hard to crawl around with a camera & a big giant pregnant belly 😉

Here is the room when you walk up the stairs – it’s a shared space of guest bedroom & my crafting space:

row of Jetmax storage cubes…

Items stored on top of storage cubes (please watch video for full description)

Cardstock & paper, etc.

New crafting area – this is where I sit. All new cabinets & counter top.

Closer view of where I sit:

Ribbon, marker & other tool storage:

Laptop, Silhouette, etc.

Cardstock scrap storage drawers:

Drawers w/ inks & other supplies

Punch storage

Baskets to house clear blocks & adhesives

Spinning Desktop Organizer w/ all hand tools that are commonly used:

Lots of ribbon…

Spice jars holding lots of colorful buttons:

Cabinet w/ printer, scanner, cables & cords for electronics, etc.

Clear stamp storage

Another view of my new room:

Video Part ONE:

Video Part TWO:

Now onto some helpful links & info on where everything is from:

  • Cabinets & Countertop: IKEA
  • Towel Rod/Railings: all from IKEA. They are called “Bygel” rails. They are super inexpensive. You can see all things available in the Bygel collection here.
  • Wire ribbon baskets: IKEA – you can find them here.
  • Plastic storage containers: IKEA – you can find them here.
  • Button Jars: IKEA – you can find them here.
  • White JetMax Storage Cubes: Target or Michaels
  • Spinning desktop organizer: Making Memories Carousel
  • Plastic sleeves for storing clear stamps (on my Clip it Up): these are from Office Depot. See Jennifer McGuire’s post about it here.
  • Plastic storage bin drawers (for my cardstock scraps): Target

I am sitting up here now enjoying the room as I type this. I love the room, the light and all the fresh new stuff in here. I’ve been working on some sewing today and I’m really just liking the new setup. Even the cat likes it – he’s up here with me 😉 I know that crafting will take a back seat this Spring, but I look forward to eventually being up here with our little one and getting creative. (Even if I don’t get nearly as much done as I used to…!)

Phew! That was a really long post. Hopefully I answered most questions in the section above – if not, feel free to leave me a comment. I will try to get to them as soon as I can.


32 thoughts on “My *NEW* Crafty Space!

  1. Love your room! You did such a great job organizing it. I have the JetMax cubes as well and it’s nice to see how others use the space. I like how you’ve organized your card stock scraps … an area I need help with, so thank you for sharing!

  2. Oh, I am so in love with your new space! Enjoy your new little one! I’ve got a 2 1/2 yr old and a 5 month old… and no, you won’t get as much crafting done at first, but it’s worth it to put it on the back burner and just enjoy your new bundle of joy! Good luck and thanks for sharing!

  3. OMG, this is so neat and organised… if one wud see my small cluttered space, they wud faint of shock… love yr new space and hope u enjoy every moment u spend there…

  4. I love your new space!! I have been looking at IKEA cabinets for awhile now to put in my craft room, but get overwhelmed by how much they have, but after seeing your combination I think I may have to look again. Thanks for sharing your space with us.

  5. @Ally

    we just had measurements & went to IKEA and sat down to pick out the cabinets & sized everything out. They have a planner you can use – but it’s all “self serve”. The cabinets were just their plain basic white offering. There really isn’t an exact style because with IKEA, you choose everything a la carte. Cabinets, doors, frames, etc.

  6. hey Ijust watched your craft room videos, love your space. was wondering where you got your jet max and how much they cost, thanks a bunch xoxox

  7. hi
    really like your room especially interested in the cabinets from your pictures it looks like you sit desk height but i dint think ikea carried any cabinets desk height which is around 29 inches high did you alter the cabinets i heard in the video you called them base cabinets those are usually around 34-35 in high also is your counter pragel do you like it did you have it cut for the corner please email me and let me know
    thanks so much

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